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School Resumption: Schools Should Not Resume Till 2021 (Opinion)

We are all aware that President Muhammadu Buhari ordered all schools to be in complete lockdown since March as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Thus online classes were created to enable the students engage in educational activities instead of sleeping off the whole lockdown period and risk having a poor performance after the lockdown on Schools are lifted.

Though many might have been engaging in the online classes but I want to believe that it’s not all students that can afford an online class. My advice to all students out there is that even if you’re not privileged to join an online class you can as well start reading at home because I believe sooner or later this pandemic will be over and we would all love to perform well when the school actually resumes.

Truth to be said, many students especially the young ones might find it difficult to study online. if in a case they aren’t privilege to join an online class then parents out there has a lot to do during this Covid 19 pandemic. Try creating time for your children, which maybe easy since some parents are usually at home nowadays due to the pandemic.

But if you are privileged to go work, you can still try creating time out of your schedule to help your kids with their studies. Business Organisations and Schools have been in total lockdown since March and most students have started complaining even though some still like the idea of staying home. Different complaint has been tendered to our dear President Muhammadu Buhari who was able to lift the lockdown on most organizations excluding Schools.

In my opinion, he understands the risk of lifting the lockdown on schools and want to avoid having bunch of students in isolation. But still recently students have been protesting against the lockdown of schools and i can’t blame them because I’m also a student and I know how it feels. Thus I would also love it, if the lockdown on Schools were lifted because we are all tired of sitting home and not all students even if they can afford it, loves the idea of online schools.

You must have heard in the news that the Federal Government recently announced new date for Waec Examination commencement which is around August to September. In my opinion, I would say all matter concerning school should be put on pending till 2021 because of this reasons below.

Risk of students contacting Covid 19

All students out there might have concur with the Federal Goverment to follow the precautions laid down in order to avoid Covid 19 but the truth is, they might try to consider the precautions at first but after a little while they would surely forget all about it.

For instance there is no way I would see a long time course mate of mine and not forget about the laid down precautions. All guys would go around shaking hands with their friends on resumption day and girls tend to hug each other out of joy of finally seeing their friends. This is inevitable no matter how well we try to avoid it.

The truth is that, some people out there don’t believe there is actually Covid 19 in this country maybe because they haven't seen anyone with the virus or even know someone that contacted it. So once Schools resume, it's highly possible we would forget all about the pandemic and continue the lifestyle we lead before the emergence of Covid 19.

In the absence of all this, if school is to resume there should be provision of materials needed to prevent students from contacting the virus by the Federal Government because not all students are financially buoyant to purchase the materials needed.

And even if the Government is to consider this idea before lifting the lockdown on Schools, my question is; this provisions would it be evenly distributed and if it is, would there be continous provision of these materials till when the Country is completely exempted of the virus? No, I don’t think so.

Like I said earlier, while some students might be privileged to afford the continuous purchase of these materials especially sanitizer; some others might not be that financially buoyant for continuous purchase of the materials needed. As a result, they are left to choose between starving and purchasing this materials.

I would say no student with clear thinking would go hungry just to avoid contacting Covid 19 because it’s only when you are well fed you would have the strength to think of avoiding the virus. Thus they would probably risk getting infected to starving which is not their fault because if I’m to choose, I’d rather have food in my stomach than purchase the materials.

As a result of all this, I don’t think the lockdown on Schools should be lifted now. It’s better to focus on limiting the spread of the virus so it won’t extend to 2021. And when that is made sure of, then Schools can resume in 2021 without the fear of contacting any sort of virus.

The Academic Calendar would be altered 

As we all know that there is a fixed Academic Calendar for almost all the schools in Nigeria. Resumption of School now would alter the Academic Calendar resulting in Schools disturbing Festive occasions like Eid al Fitri, Chrismas holiday and the likes because during this time students are usually on holiday.

The date for Waec Examination commencement has been fixed and that’s around August to September which has clearly altered the previous years' Waec timetable which was usually around April to May or June. So for students looking forward to entering higher institution this year, it would be very impossible because first of all, I don't think any higher institution would release their admission form this year and even if they do, I don't think new students would be allowed to start lecture this year since most students are yet to pass out.

That’s why I would suggest that all Schools should not resume till 2021 so as to avoid altering the Academic Calendar and also affecting Festive occasions of the country because i'm sure no one would want to be attending School during times that are supposed to be holiday.

I hope I'm able to prove my point here. I think it's better we all join hands in stopping the spread of this virus rather than planning to resume school when the virus is still at large. I know many parents out there also agree with me on this but still some might not.

I want you all to know that this is merely my view on School resumption, I don’t know about yours. For any contribution or question kindly use the comment section below.

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