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Open Letter To Lecturers And Students, After The Leaked Sex Tape Of A LAUTECH Lecturer

There have been mixed reactions, hours after another leaked s€x tape involving a lecturer of LAUTECH and a supposedly 300 level student of the higher institution of learning, surfaced online. This video which has been trending on the internet for over 12 hours after it got did surface on Twitter, will be the second most trending one, following the previous act of sodomy involving a girl of the same school and 3 other young men barely a month ago. 

LAUTECH, a higher institution of learning known for training more technical and engineering students, is not the first University in Nigeria whose lecturers and students will be mentioned in this kind of immoral behaviours; a few other institutions had at one time or the other mentioned. 

However, here comes concerned questions which need quick responses before this act becomes escalating and then probably turn to a norm, therefore becoming uncontrollable. Here are the questions :

Who is to blame, the lecturer or the learner (student)? 

Judging from this recent video, part of the reports from a reliable source stated that the lady involved in the scandal with the lecturer has allegedly done it to upgrade her marks. This means she probably failed to work hard academically to be able to have a deserved mark, and when the call probably came from the lecturer, she understood and gave him what he required to be able to get back what she needed. So, should a student be blamed for giving her body to get a mark or not? 

On the part of the lecturer, the footage of the video didn't show a sign of being forced, although the student also did not show excitement just like the other girl involved in the first scandal. But, when your student does not do well as a good lecturer, instructor, or teacher, should take advantage of her as a lecturer? 

My letter of advice to all lecturers and students, being an experienced instructor myself.

Firstly to the lecturers, teachers, or instructors out there. It is not hard to discipline yourself when temptation comes to perpetrate such an act of immorality on the students handed over to you to take care of, it is all about the mindset you have built around yourself. I speak as an experienced student-instructor whose students will even be annoyed for not yielding after setting you up. Please watch over these young ones, fo not destroy their future. 

And to the students, you are a failure only if you choose to be a failure. Failing in an attempt is not a failure, your refusal to keep attempting to succeed is the failure. So, please if have been doing so, stop giving your bodies to the lecturers for marks when they call for it; and if you just do it deliberately for fun, you are then complicating the issue. 

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Finally, the government have played their roles in building the schools and equipping them, and they can't do everything. Parents should also have roles to play in this matter, but for now, who to blame is the hard nut to crack. 

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LAUTECH Leaked Sex Tape Of Nigeria


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