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See the 10 toughest Courses to Study in Nigeria Universities.

Ten list of toughest courses to student in Nigeria University have been successfully compiled by Guru 9ja. All aspiring University students are to take serious note on this courses and be diligent at it, if they find themselves in a any of the department

Below are the list of toughest courses to study in the Nigeria University.

1. All Engineering courses: Engineering courses is one of the toughest courses to study,

specifically Electrical Engineering (popularly known as Elect Elect). If you don't respect

engineering boys then you must have a problem or you are on a LONG THING.

Engineering is populated with the male student.

2. Medicine and surgery: The way Medical students drink study big text books is

mind blowing because they are always fond of carry big test-book, just like the

size of the popular Laplace.

3. Veterinary Medicine: Have once heard a medical student saying the fact that

MBBS involves human life is worth gave them an edge over veterinary medicine

because veterinary student also study vigorously but, where are they going to work

in this country?

4. Pharmacy: Believe me, your life will never remain the same when you read

courses like pharmacology and pharmaceutical chemistry. Infact, an average

pharmaceutical science student will tell you pharmacy is even tougher than medicine....

No wonder they refer to themselves as "MEN OF HONOUR"

5. Law: Law is another stressful course that i must mention. Those Law student also

study hard as if they are something else. I must also give it to them.They should be respected.

They spend 5 years in the university and another year

in Law school. Any form of unseriousness, you know where you will meet yourself.

6. Biochemistry: A biochemist they say is naturally ahead of you....Belive me i pity

those student when i see them studying those wicked pathways...


7. Languages: If you think studying any language in the university is easy then

i think u should go give it a try and see if your life will remain the same again.

The languages am referring to are English Language and linguistics.

8. Physics: I have a friend studying physics in school (Funaab). I can't describe how

he looks like now in body shape. If you think the physics you did in secondary school

is what i'm talking about then you must be day-dreaming. It is also one of the courses

that gives one an automatic admission

9. Chemistry: Only those studying this course can tell you the hell they are passing

through specifically when talking about Organic Chemistry. Chemistry is also one

of the courses that gives one an automatic admission.

10. Mathematics: So many student hate mathematics. But indeed, mathematics is a

difficult course to study but all you need is a solid foundation in mathematics for

you to know it well. It is also one of the courses that gives one an automatic admission.

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