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3 best mobile apps that will dramatically improve your English communication skills

Writing and speaking are a higher level language skill, and the ultimate ambition of any language learner is to be proficient in them. Experience has shown that most people, mainly students in Nigeria, can easily and happily handle any task but expressing themselves in writing or speaking. It is an incontrovertible fact that the seemingly poor academic performance associated with a good number of students in Nigeria stems from their inability to express themselves effectively in either writing or speaking. 

It is no longer new to us that modes, practices, and procedure of education have been influenced by science and technology. This has made the whole world small and through it, the practice of is conducted globally at a faster pace.

The creation of educational apps has revolutionized nationally and internationally because of its numerous benefits. 

 In this article, I shall let you know three applications that can help you improve your English communication. So, whether you want to study grammar, improve your pronunciation, develop you English through topical new stories or learn latest phrases to use in your everyday conversation, these three apps are for you. 


This app is very simple to use and it would challenge you enough to help expand your vocabulary skills. The vocabulary builder app is well suited educationally and comprehensively. It will guide you to better vocabulary, and simultaneously, oblige you to be an educative speaker. It has 4000 words and tests.... As a teacher you could get so many questions from it for your learners to try there hands on... It is a very good app and I recommend it to everyone.


This app was built in support to help learners(stronger and weaker) to show their English skills. It presents you with topics that include contents that are familiar to young learners e.g, everyday objects, animals, food. It also presents possible scenarios where English language is practiced most often e.g when traveling, having a conversation with your friend, at school, etc.


This is another awesome and very useful app to learn how to speak in English. It is reasonably comprehensive in approach. It gives access to huge number of videos that are informative for all age groups. You can also download it's programmes so that you can listen to them whenever you want. 

There are also many other apps to try. I hope your English communication skill and English listening skill will be better after using these apps. Thank you! 

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