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Secondary Education


Moment 4 Secondary School Boys Beat Up A Masquerade That Tries To Harass Them In Lagos (Video)

In a video uploaded on the Twitter social media platform, 4 secondary school boys were seen beating up a masquerade that came to harass them while the schoolboys were waiting on the roadside for transport.

In the video, the 4 boys were in their uniform waiting for transport when the masquerade approached and started harassing one of them, meanwhile, the kids got annoyed and offended as they all gathered the masquerade and started beating him up.

As they were beating him, a group of strangers quickly intervened with some security operatives present in the area. These security operatives had to quickly stop the boys before they did more damages to the masquerade.

While the video was uploaded on Twitter, Twitter users who have come across the video couldn't help but react to the video in the comment sections as some of them reacted by commenting that the video is funny while giving accolades to Lagos no-nonsense attitude towards anybody.

Here is a link to watch the video on Twitter:

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