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See what lockdown has done to this private school in Lagos

As we all know, schools are on total lockdown which has not been favorable to most private school owners. Therefore, these schools are left without use and this has had a negative effect on private schools.

Some school owners have the school they own as their only source of income and living which is not their fault but just what they wanted to invest in because they have the dream of giving education to children who need it. Government locked down schools first and this caused most private school workers to be left jobless. Even with the relaxation of lockdown, schools are yet to be opened and this has taken a toll on the school workers.

The Educational sector in Nigeria employs millions of people and it impacts the economy greatly as most school leavers search for employment and end up not getting one, some of them are forced to apply as school teachers.

A school in the Mainland Region of Lagos, known as Mofislink School has been affected by the current COVID-19 closure and it has affected the school negatively too.

Schools in question have been closed down since the month of March, even before the country, especially Lagos was placed under lockdown. The school in question has its building and facilities lying on the ground without use. Even grasses and weeds seem to be growing round the environment. This is due to lack of use.

It is no one’s fault but I don’t think the government has made efforts in providing palliatives specifically for schools despite providing some palliatives for some of the citizens of the country. This current lockdown has left many workers including the workers of Mofislink School jobless and this has caused temporary unemployment rate in the country to increase.

So we can ask the question, how are these teachers surviving without salaries? How are the owners of the schools going to cope without receiving any school fees? And this leads us to the major question, what is the government going to do to help them?

We have heard of initiatives set down by the government to help this private school owners and workers but this plan has not yet been set to motion making me wonder is the government ever going to support them?

This school is used as an example to talk about all other schools that have also been on this lockdown. Imagine what it has caused to families where both parents are school workers whose income depends solely on the salaries they get from the schools.

I will advise that government should quickly step out and help the private schools in Nigeria as they should not be left out from their plans in helping people financially as they seem to put schools on lockdown till next year (speculation).

The government is trying its best but they need to do better.

Please let’s share this post until it gets to the government.

Content created and supplied by: The_Cravt (via Opera News )

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