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Parents If your Children Can Understand Cartoons, Teach Them This Too.

This article is for parents but can also extend to soon to be parents or grandparents who have growing children. Once you notice that your children can now recognise characters in their cartoons example barbie, Ben 10, sponge Bob, snow white, power rangers, etc. This is the time for you to start teaching then something new and something more beneficial and crucial. 

 Some parents think that this stage is too early to teach their young ones something else but I tell you, its not true. Once your children begins to understand their cartoons on the screen, start teaching them Ephesians and Galatians they will also understand. This might sound unrealistic but well, dear parents, many have tried this and it worked for them. Most parents successful in raising their children in most occasions attribute their parental success to teaching their children about the bible while they were still young. Remember proverbs 22:6, it says, train up a child in the way he should go and when he's old, he would not depart from it.

 Psychology and modern medicine has made us understand that the brain and mind of a child is like a "tabula rasa" which the society writes on. A tabula rasa means a clean slate. The big thing is that if the society and the cartoons fill their slates first, you might find it entirely difficult to wipe away what had been imprinted on them to write another. In the same vein, if you teach your children the word of God from a very early stage, their is a very high tendency that they would stick to the teachings you gave them. 

Do not leave your children to grow up by chance. Breed them with the word of God. There are Bible story books you could buy for them. The more you nurture them to grow in the way of the lord from a very tender age, the more you are giving them a deep root and a well built foundation. Do not think that your children are too young to understand. Teach them. They will grow like seedlings with a very fertile soil. If they can understand cartoons, they can also understand the word of God so teach them.

If they can understand these

Then, you can teach them these too

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