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How To Write Examination Successfully

Many candidates do not know the reason why they failed examination. It is not that they did not prepare but as a result of some factors, they end up having low grade.

Though, examination is very important in learning to evaluate the students based on what they have learned so far in the school.

Examination is the major tool to determine the students transition from one level to another. Without examination, students may not be able to change position,because there is nothing to challenge them.

Examination is like a war, the end might be victory or not. So in term of the exam, it is either to pas or fail.

But no one ever expected to received failure in any examination.

Then, what causes failure to students in an examination?

1. Late preparation

Many candidates do handle issue of examination with light hands. They don't believe in preparing for examination early. They always see the content of their book as very simple. And by the time they got to examination hall, they will find out that examination is not like the way, it has been taken.

Any candidate of examination should prepare early to avoid failure.

2. Fear of Unknown

Fear is one of the factors that affect the candidate in the examination hall. Many candidates express fear throughout the examination without any reason. Fear always causes failure, while courage always makes one to excel. A candidate must be courageous to write an examination.

3. Submission of Empty Answer Booklet

To avoid failure, candidates should not submit, an empty booklet. It is the act of some candidates to submit an empty booklet whenever they find out that, they can not provide answer to the questions asked.

The candidate should make sure that he/she write anything on questions, even if he/she does not sure of the answer.

4. Be Prayerful

Having written every answers correctly, the candidates should support his/her work with prayer, in order to have a good results at the end.

If the candidates can observe the above factors, to pass examination will be an easy thing.

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