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Slumber of The TRCN And The NUT

The current global pandemic came to Nigeria in March 2020. Since that time, the while economy has been locked down by the government of the country giving autonomy to state governments to take certain decisions.

   Despite the fact that the ease of lockdown started in May and many have simply gone back to work. However, educators face the most problem during this period. Many schools didn't finish up their third term examinations as they were caught unaware.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic situation in Nigeria which has affected everyone, almost everyone, most especially educators. It is expedient that we examine the role of professional bodies in times like this. We have seen the Nigeria medical association, ASUU, PENGASSAN and many others fight for the rights of their members over the years. Even now, they have gone ahead to threaten the government with strike action at the slightest provocation,

 In the middle of all these the Nigeria Union of Teachers as well as the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria have failed in this respect. Nothing has been seen or heard of them in the past three months. Maybe because public servants are not affected by the Economic situation. However, many school teachers are already suffering due to the inability of schoolowners to pay salaries. 

   To think of the fact that over about 60%of Nigerian children are in private schools largely because of one of two reasons.

1. High quality of education

2. Low fees as the case may be.

   Since it's inception in 1993 with the purpose of controlling and standardizing the teaching profession in Nigeria, the TRCN has only been known to collect money for registrations from teachers Nationwide, conduct examinations and Grant them certification to teach. While this is not far it's function, it should also be able to protect the rights and privileges of teachers across all boards(private and public).

  Many of these teachers despite being members of the TRCN have been neglected and sidelined as the federal and state government kept paying full salaries of public school teachers.

 To think of the fact that TRCN was ready to send unregistered teachers out of the classrooms in March just before the lockdown because of their refusal to get registered. How do you join an association that has no benefit whatsoever?

 The only group that has taken up the challenge is the National Association of Proprietors and Private School and to some extent are still battling with the government on this issue.

   If something is not done soon, Nigerians might have to put their children in public schools or begin to homeschool them. I tell you, if all private school teachers decide to leave the job because of the kind of treatment they are receiving, education in Nigeria will go back to zero level.

   Originally, teachers in Nigeria are underpaid, under-valued and unrecognised which shouldn't be so looking at how much influence they make in the lives of our children.

   I say that the TRCN be sanitized completely and filled with patriotic people who will care not only about themselves but about the teaching profession as a whole.

What do you think?

Content created and supplied by: Khenysahm (via Opera News )

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