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Lagos State University Examination, Courses And The Areas of Concentration

Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos which has its satellite campuses all over Nigeria begins its examination for the part-time and the students who seek their certifications in sandwich programmes on Monday, 12th April, 2020. Below are the courses offered followed by their areas of concentration.

Statistics ( MAT 162 )

Study and practice the following topics on statistics to be enabled to score a convincing grade.

1. Difference form of data representation and classification of data.

2. Characteristics of grouped frequency distribution parameters and statistics.

3. Graphical representation of data in form of bar char, pie chart, pictogram diagram, histogram and cumulative frequency curve.

4. Measure of dispersion and and measure of central tendency, skewness and kurtosis.

5. Correlation and regression; Regression formula and spearman's correlation ranking formula.

6. Probability; Addition and subtraction of probability, binomial distribution, continuous probability.

Use of English ( GNS 102 )

The following are the topics to read including the literature book recommended for the course.

1. Figure of speech.

2. Parts of speech.

3. Laws of concord.

4. Formation of simple and compound sentences.

5. Paragraph and register.

Literature book to be read for this course is "Harvest of Corruption" .

Use of Library ( GNS 101 )

1. Definition of Library

2. Types of Library with the definitions and functions of each.

3. Types and care of Library materials.o

4. Have a knowledge of how to draw a departmental striction of a Library which are grouped into technical services and reader's services.

5. Physical parts of a book.

Curriculum ( EST 104 )

Below are the topics to read to get a good grade.

1. Different definitions, concept and scope of curriculum.

2. Definition of balance curriculum and foundation of curriculum development

3. You must to be able to explain the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria.

4. Curriculum offering in primary and secondary schools.

5. One must be able to group different subjects offered in primary and secondary schools into; Languages, Core, vocational and non vocational.

If there are courses which are not included, kindly signify in the comment session below.

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