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How Covid 19 has Greatly Affected Nigeria's Economical and Educational Sectors.

The corona virus disease that erupted in Nigeria since 2019 has greatly affected Nigeria especially in terms of economy and other aspects. 

When the pandemic became widespread, Nigeria including other countries declared a total lockdown which brought students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions home. At first, Nigerians do Not take the virus serious but as time goes on, we all discovered that the virus has not come to play. Some of the ways in which the virus has Affected the country are as follows;

1, Economic immobility, since all international borders and airports were shut down, importation of goods to other countries was no longer feasible and Nigeria being a country that depends strictly on importation was greatly affected by the pandemic. The economy of the country became stagnant and there was limited supply of goods which caused hike in prices of goods and services. Our only form of survival in this country is agricultural and petroleum and exportation could not also take place due to the factor mentioned above thereby leaving everybody with no choice than to go into Farming. As it is said that a melted chocolate can never regain it's size, the economy is still being affected till today as the prices of goods and services that increased during the pandemic refused to return to their normal price. We now buy things at double of the amount they are sold before. Although, the government made arrangements for some palliatives to be given to the citizens but only few were able to get them.

2, Delay in educational activities, every educational sector of the country starting from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are affected by this factor. The Covid 19 lockdown which lasted for months caused a setback in education as students wasted many months at home thereby increasing their years in school. I particularly am a university student of 200, if not for the lockdown, I should be in 300 level by now. Aside the setback caused by the pandemic, majority of students were not able to resume with their colleagues especially tertiary institution students. The lockdown has caused some Ladies to get pregnant and could not resume school with pregnancy. So many guys too have turned internet fraudsters.

In conclusion, Covid 19 has Affected Nigeria mostly in terms of it's economy and educational sector. Thanks for reading.

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