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No Condition is Permanent! The Senior Student who maltreated me in High School seeks for My Help.

Being a school graduate and by the grace of God a renowned CEO of Gibbsons Oriental trading Company had been a hard task. I work day and night to meet up to standard in my company. Indeed, It is never easy to be a leader.

Last two months, My company embarked on accepting new workers for effective working output. The date and time of the interview was scheduled to be Tuesday 10:00 am according to the table of reference. I was so surprised to see numerous people, and this kept me wondering, Does it means that the level of joblessness in the country is on the increase? After all, I thought of taking the charge as the interviewer since they were a good number of people.

I started with a young man of his early 20s and his answers was quite technical, I think the guy is really a genius. After series of interview with a good number of people, a young man walked into my office with his files. I stared at him a couple of times, I really know his face, but he doesn, 't remember mine.

When he sat, I commenced the interviewing which he gave his answers. Truly, he wasn't that technical, in fact he was a little above average. I asked about his High school education, and he spoke at length. At that moment I remembered who he was. Oh my goodness! He was my senior, Timothy back in High school. He always said that he hated me, and I acted like I am possessed by an evil spirit. My dear, in a nutshell, Timothy hated me to the marrows which he always told me to my face.

At that point I was speechless, he continued calling me Sir. I just can't imagine he now calls me Sir, just imagine no condition is permanent. I introduced myself to him and he burst into cry. All he continued saying was, please help me, I need this job. Sincerely he didn 't qualify for the job, though he needed the job. Seriously, I just can't easily forget the trauma he made me pass through.

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Please friends advise me on what to do?

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