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No School Should Resume In These States, Others Should Resume With Some Strict Guidelines (Opinion).

Corona virus was the only major disturbing phenomenal that has jeopardize the country "Nigeria" in decades. The country's economy, education and others was disturbed by the outbreak of the corona virus.

Since the pandemic visited Nigeria, the government have been fighting it hard to see it defeated so the citizens can return back to their normal living. It was one the ways to combat the covid19 outbreak in Nigeria that lead to the closure of all schools across the country five months back.

The schools, including the universities, colleges and primary school were all ordered to close by the federal government of Nigeria. It is getting over five months now since schools in Nigeria got closed and nothing appears clear that reopening might happen soon. That is why this article have comes up again to recommend and suggest for the federal government as to what to do about the reopening of schools.

Perhaps, the figure of corona virus cases keep increasing day in; day out, but that doesn't out shine or blur the fact that this high figure of covid19 cases are actually coming from certain states in Nigeria. 

In this regard, this article has opine that school closure should only be maintained by those states where the corona virus cases keep coming in high number and other states where corona virus is very less should be allow to reopen schools with some strict guidelines to be prescribe by the relevant government agency concerned.

Specifically, Lagos state, Oyo state and Federal capital territory have been coming up with a very high disheartening figure of corona virus. Therefore, Lagos state, Oyo state and FCT should not reopening or resume school for now. 

But for states like Kogi, Cross River, and Taraba that have manage to keep a very low record of corona virus cases should reopen schools with some certain and strict guidelines that will measure their conducts during school activities.

No school should be allow to resume precisely in the following states of Nigeria:

- Lagos 


- Oyo 

- Edo 

- River

- Delta

- Kano

- Ogun

- Kaduna

- Ondo

- Katsina

- Ebonyi

And may be Borno, Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Enugu.

These states to be mention below should resume or reopen schools with strict guidelines to come from the Federal government:

1. Kogi

2. Cross River

3. Taraba

4. Yobe

5. Ekiti

6. Zamfara 

7. Kebbi 

8. Anambra

9. Adamawa 

10. Benue 

11. Niger

12. Akwa Ibom 

13 Sokoto

14. Nasarawa

15. Osun

16. Bayelsa

17. Jigawa

18. Imo 

19. Abia

20. Kwara

Education of a country need to be the top priority of the government, I urge the Nigerian government to put all necessary equipments and facilities in place and allow school resume from the above recommendation as high covid19 states resume too in no longer time. 

Content created and supplied by: FirstBulletins (via Opera News )

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