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How Good Is Your Pronunciation Skill? Take This Test To Find Out

Nigeria, being a former colony of The United Kingdom, automatically inherited amongst other things, their language; English language. English language has therefore become the official language of communication in Nigeria. However, because English language is not our mother tongue, we keep learning and improving on our proficiency daily.

This article seeks to correct some of the English words that are more often than not, wrongly pronounced by most Nigerians.

1) DATA: The right pronunciation is "Day-ta and not Daa-ta".

2) WEDNESDAY : The right pronunciation is "Wenz-day and not Wed-nes-day".

3) SUITE :You know that term used to describe rooms in a hotel, it is pronounced "Sweet and not soot".

4) ASTHMA: That health condition that makes people have breathing difficulties, it is pronounced as "Az-maa and not as-thmaa or ash-maa".

5) CEMENT: This is another one that some people pronounce wrongly. It is pronounced as " si-MENT and not seh-MENT".

6) PROMOTION: When you do well in your workplace, what you boss gives you as a way of appreciating your hard work is pronounced as "pr-motion and not pro-motion".

7) PRONUNCIATION: This is the subject of this article, but it is equally interesting to note that most of us pronounce the word wrongly. It is pronounced "Pra-nun-cee-a-shun and Pro-noun-cee-a-shun".

8) RECEIPT: Nigerians can really be interesting. The word is pronounced "Ree-seet and not Ree-sipt".

9) ONION: You know that vegetable that is used in cooking our delicious meals, right? Please the next time you want to pronounce it, pronounce it as "Uh-nion and not O-nion".

10) RESTAURANT: That nice place that you go to eat those delicious meals you like most, is pronounced "res-traunt and not res-tuh-raunt or even res-to-rant"

11) BOWL: The deep plate that you use for things like soup, and to drink your garri. It is pronounced as "Billionaire and not Baa-ool or Boo-wel".

12) RASPBERRY: Now this can be tricky. Of you go with the spelling, you will get the pronunciation wrong. It is pronounced "Raz-ber-ee and not Rasp-berry".

13) SALON: The place where you go to get your hair taken care of, it is pronounced "Sa-lawn and not Sa-loon". So my dear sister reading this, kindly take note.

14) NIKE: You know that popular brand right? Their name is pronounced as "Nai-key and not Naik".

Please come to the comments section and tell us how many words that you knew their correct pronunciation before now.

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