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When he Was Told that his Admission was Invalid During Final Year Clearance, he did this (Lesson)

Let's try to consider failure at times as a life lesson in order to learn from it and make things better next time.

It is true that bad and good situations happen to all of us. Unfortunately, it's human nature to dwell on the bad ones and when we does, we become frustrated, and you know what? Frustration leads to a big failure.

I believe Ramsey Aka's story will get to your soul as intended for.

Ramsey Aka a Mass Communication student of Abia State University and who has completed his 4 years course required by the regulations received the most shocking news of his life when he went for his final year clearance.

He was told during his final year clearance that his admission into the school was invalid. This should sound as note of warning to every inpatient Nigerian student(s) out there who may want admission by hook or crook.

I could remember vividly during my university days, we did our first clearance in year one for us to obtain our matric number and the final clearance took place after our final year and without this final clearance there will be no certificate talk more of going for one national service.

Back to Ramsey Aka's story, Ramsey was asked to repeat all over again. Do you know he could sue the admission unit or the entire school for offering him a fake admission ? Of course he dare not because the fault might not be from the admission unit as so many things are possible in Nigeria. Who knows if his admission was based on short cut? Yes if you are once in system you might not need a soothsayer to tell you what many people did for them to acquire a certificate.

As God will always have it, Ramsey did not drank Sniper to end his life from such frustrating news as many people are does as they engages in the business of taking their life when situation hit hard on them.

As he was asked to repeat all over again, he accepted it with a good faith and this time, his obedient/diligent studies was rewarded positively.

He paid the fees of each semester again, same tests, he sat through lectures all over again, new project topic with the same stress. It happened after all the things he went through, he graduated at the top of his class as the best in his department. He did his final clearance and now serving as a youth corper.

Lessons to learn Ramsey's predicament

*consider failure a life lesson, in order to learn from it and make things better next time. Instead of losing control, learn, learn and learn some more. Don't be afraid to do this as you may not like some of findings but you can still learn from them.

* no one is praying for such but should you find yourself in a situation like that, be more enthusiastic next time, pat yourself on the back for having tried and vow to try again. Admire your willpower, your desire to succeed, your perseverance. Keep your attitude positive and stay cool as you are now stronger, better prepared more experienced and more motivated.

* don't be afraid, Do it again. Do it now. Do it better. Do it right and finish what you have started, and celebrate every victory. Stay away from people who prefer to blame rather than to encourage, don't think of taking yourself because it's the worst decision you would ever think of.

Finally, what's done is done, there is no point in rehashing or worrying about your mistakes. The past cannot be changed instead use your energy to impact on the future.

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