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Needed Reforms In Our Faculties Of Agriculture

The current arrangement in our faculties of agriculture need to be rejigged. Why should Agriculture students spend one session in the faculty of science learning things that have no direct relevance to their future career? Why should a student studying agriculture only be involved in field works in one semester out of ten? 

The first reform that should be brought into Agriculture related programs in our universities is to reduce the duration of the program to four years. Many of the things that are learnt in the first year (which I usually call science year) are practically irrelevant to their careers. Of what importance is INTRODUCTORY PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY to a student that is pursuing a degree in Forestry or Agronomy? The "science year" should therefore be removed.Their program should begin in their own faculty. They can thereafter be made to take one or two relevant courses in the faculty of science. 

The second needed reform is to make the courses have two phases- the practical and theoretical. Every course should have an equivalent practical component. To this end, I have two alternate recommendations. The first is that the first half of the semester should be spent on the paper aspect while the second half of every semester should be for the field component of each course. The alternate recommendation is that in each session, theoretical works should be done in the first semester while the equivalent field works should be done in the second semester. The grade of each student in either case should be proportional to the output from his plot. 

The farm practical year should then be removed from their program. Whatever practical they need to learn in their course would have been learned before the end of each semester or session.

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