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7 Facts About Austria That 8 Out Of 10 People Would Not Know

Austria is one of the most beautiful place that globa has ever possessed. It’s natural, architectural and cultural beauties remain one of Europe’s pride. A completely magical and mind boggling destination, Austria is also referred to as the “heaven on earth”. In this article, we bring to you a few facts about the lifestyle in Austria that takes the world in wonders.

1. Less Cab Culture

People in Austria take lesser number of cabs than anyone in the world. They rather prefer to walk by the suburbs. If you’re taking a cab in Austria, you’re either too old or physically handicapped.

2. The Elevator Trend

In Austria, they do not have numbers written down on the elevator buttons. Instead, the letters are used, which carry a person from rooftop, ground floor, and basement.

3. No bedspreads

Unlike the popular culture, the Austrians do not use any bedspreads. The bed is left with no covers at all.

4. Skiing

It is very uncommon to find an Austrian who doesn’t know how to skii. Infact, they are taught this sports from their childhood. It is a mandatory part of any child’s growth.

5. The Kiss

Many people usually meet and greet someone with a smile, hug or handshake. However, the Austrians have an other way. They greet people by kissing on each other’s cheeks.

6. Education

The education system of the Austrians is one of the best best in the globe. Anyone can pursue their course in an for their entire life. The studying in universities are free and hence, we find almost everyone completing their education.

7. The special shelf

There is a shelf in Austrian toilet bowls. Before going to the sewage, the former contents of the guts stay on the surface of a shelf located inside the bowl.

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