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All Universities & Polytechnic Students Should Be Aware Of These 5 Rules Before School Resumes.

Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics have been shutdown since match, because of the outbreak of corona virus. Plans are being put in place in order to open the schools, but so far, a date for reopening of schools has not been set by the federal government of Nigeria, under the guide of President Muhammadu Buhari.

If and when schools should be reopened, all the University and Polytechnic students should be aware of the following 5 guidelines, and rules as set by the Nigeria Center For Disease Control.

1. Wearing of Nose mask.

This rule or guideline is very much important for the protection of the lives of all Nigerian students. So please, all University and Polytechnic students should be aware of this, and start the practice as soon as possible.

As demonstrated in the picture above, all students should cultivate the habit at all times when school resumes. It is necessary if we must overcome this deadly disease.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes or nose with your bare hands.

When school finally resumes, all students should desist from the habit of poke nosing or rubbing their eyes with their bare hands. It might be difficult but if you want to live, you should learn how to keep your hands inside your pocket.

Just as seen in the 2 pictures above, you don't know where you might have touched, so please avoid this character.

3. Do not reuse a tissue paper or handkerchief you already used in cleaning your nose.

After cleaning your nose with any material, always throw it into the waste bin, for the sake of all Nigerians.

4. Social distancing.

As directed by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, the act of social distancing is paramount to ensure we defeat this deadly disease. So all students should be doing this when school resumes. When in class, playground or any part of the school environment.

5. Always wash your hands with soaps under running water.

When leaving your house, wash your hands under running water, when you enter school environment, do same as well. Before you enter your class, do same too.

The above picture is an example of how you should be doing it, and after that, allow your hands to air dry.


As the time of writing this article, the federal government of Nigeria, under the guidance of President Muhammadu Buhari, have not set any date for school resumption. If and when they do, we will not fail to let you know. Just be aware of the above 5 rules when schools finally resumes.

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Content created and supplied by: DrMichaels (via Opera News )

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