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Opinion : Top 7 Employable Courses To Study In College or University.

Getting an education in world that is fast growing technologically is a necessity . But knowing the right course to study in school is more important. Although it is said "no education is a waste". But this day one need to study courses that are employable, With rate of unemployment among graduates, one cannot afford to study courses, that will not guarantee you a job after graduation . Most people graduated for years without securing a job due to the kind of course they study in school. 

Before you enroll to study any course, ensure to make research about the course. Ask questions like, is the course marketable or employable ? What other career can you build after you studied this course? Few years to come, will the course still be relevant in the labor market? These are questions you are suppose to ask yourself, before studying a course. In this article I will be sharing with you employable courses to study in school, base on my personal opinion.


Medicine is a faculty in a university, there several departments in faculty of medicine . Almost all medicine courses are marketable, especially in Nigeria. The courses are highly competitive . Studying any medical course requires at least 6 years. When you study any course in medicine you will easily secure a job in Nigeria after graduation. 


Pharmacy work in line with medicine. A medical doctor give diagnosis while a pharmacist prescribed drugs. When you study pharmacy you can easily be employ. You can easily work in a hospital or own a pharmaceutical store. If your area of discipline is science I advice you either opt for medicine or Pharmacy courses. 


Nursing is a medical course just like medicine and pharmacy. Although the course is offered mostly by ladies, it is open for men too. You can study nursing in university or college of nursing. As a nurse you can work with either a medical doctor or a pharmacist. 

4.Education courses

Teaching jobs is one of the most available job presently in Nigeria. Studying education courses such as : mathematics, english, chemistry or physics just but few, give one the opportunity to work in school. You can be self employed by starting a tutoring job. Most graduate without educational qualifications are enrolling for post graduate courses in education. 

5. Cyber Security. 

This course is mostly study at masters level, although there are few universities that offer it in undergraduate level. Cyber security is one of the fastest growing global sectors. Most organizations are struggling to find talent with the right ability to tackle their cyber challenges and internet related issues. Studying this course will equip you with the skills to manage and analyse an organisation's data assets and security measures, and provide an understanding of data governance principles, practices and technologies.

6.Computer science /Technology 

This is one of the most marketable job in Nigeria . A graduate in computer science can work in any organizations. One of the basic requirements in securing a job this days is, computer skills. 

7. Accounting. 

Accounting is one of the most marketable course in the faculty of social and management study. Every establishment or organization needs an accountants. Aside banking jobs, there are other job opportunities for someone that studied accounting. 

It is not enough to study these courses in school, ensure to graduate with good grades. This days even good grades are not enough. One ought to acquire a skills to back it up. Putting all these things in place, will help you in securing a job in nigeria easily. This article is base on my personal opinion, hence it's open for criticism and contributions.

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