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Exam Date (7th September - 30th October): WAEC Exam Should Begin And End Within These Months (View)

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Undoubtedly, the delay in the conduction of 2020 WAEC examination has taken more than the expected period of time that WAEC candidates thought that its postponment will last, when the federal government had earlier postponed the WAEC examination. In sync with this, WAEC candidates have been waiting on the federal government with the compulsion to write their final exam, on when the federal government will release the final.

Hitherto, Exam date for WAEC examination still remains a puzzle as there have been controversies on what date that is due for WAEC examination to begin, even as the federal government still insist on the position of the announcement of the minister of education, Malam Adamu Adamu, that WAEC examination will still not begin yet, as minister Malam Adamu Adamu discloses the fear of the federal government that their may be a spike in covid-19 cases in the country if WAEC should begin.

Although, Minister Adamu Adamu and the federal government must have insisted on not allowing WAEC examination to begin, it is quite gratifying to learn that the WAEC council (Nigeria headquarter) together with the ministry of education and the House of Representatives Committee on Basic Education and Services has taken into consideration in their recent meeting on the due time to begin WAEC examination, as stakeholders has considered and agreed that if they were to make the September date for the Examination a reality, there is a need to get President Muhammadu Buhari and the Governors’ Forum involved in coming up with a timely and effective decision.

Following the aforementioned information, I am of the view that WAEC Exam date should be from 7th September - 30th October, in the sense that WAEC examination should begin and end within 7th of September - 30th October. This is because, if WAEC exam should begin and end within these months, it will span a short period of time for the exam to be rounded off, which will reduce the chances of candidates contacting the virus, as it will be easier and there would be more efficacy in the control of students to keep all the safety guidelines provided by the federal government within a short period of time than when the exam spans for a longer period.

Also, The date for WAEC examination should begin and end should be within 7th September - 30th October, time is needed to print the exam question papers, as the head of WAEC National Office in Nigeria, Patrick Areghan had recently disclosed in recent meeting with other stakeholders, that the question papers of the WAEC examination need to printed and these process will need time and it could be designated that before 7th September, the task should have been done before then.

Suggestively, the exam date WAEC examination is to begin should be from 7th September - 30th October, so that before the month of September the federal government must have enacted the provision of hand washing facilities to ensure that students always wash their hands regularly, as directed by the safety guidelines provided by the federal government.

Not only, hand washing facilities but other activities like the fumigation of school must be carried out before WAEC examination begins and this need time to accomplish; that is the more reason why I am of the view that exam date WAEC should begin is from 7th September - 30th October.

Looking at the deliberation to begin WAEC examination in the month of September, as a student, do you consider WAEC examination to begin in the month of August or in the month of September? Kindly give your opinion in the comment section below.

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