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Owambe (Weekend Parties): How I Gatecrashed A Wedding Party At School And How It Ended For Me

Most Nigerians like parties and its fair to say that I'm not an exception. Owambe, as the Yoruba people call it is another name for parties. This parties can range from wedding to funeral parties.

You would agree with me that being a student in any Nigerian higher institution isn't an easy task and things usually get worse when you're approaching the end of semesters and examination period. I am indeed a living witness to how rough things could become.

Being a student in the premier university, the University of Ibadan and getting food to eat especially during exam period when boys are broke can sometimes prove to be an herculean task. But trust boys now (we die there), you must survive.

I had gone to bed the previous night with no food in my tummy and boy, did I wake up very hungry the following morning? I then put a call through to a friend who stays in Mellanby Hall to ask if he has anything he could spare.

Unfortunately, he had suffered the same fate as me but quickly added that a big wedding party was holding at the great Trenchard hall, asking if I was interested. You need to see how joyous I was and how I went into overdrive with preparations.

Fortunately enough, I had dry-cleaned a cool native attire the previous two weeks. I quickly begged my roommate to spare me his black shining shoe, speck and perfume (lol, you know guys stuff nah). I rushed down to the bathroom and quickly took my bath.

After dressing up and satisfied that I was looking the part, I dashed off to meet Wale, my friend. We quickly strategized on how to evade the bouncers as the wedding was on an invitation basis. Well, Wale looks like a big man and even in his attire, no one would dare doubt he isn't one.

At the entrance gate, I formed a posh gentleman while Wale my friend, mimicked big men and their manner of talking. We were allowed entry into the hall. That was how yours sincerely entered into his rest. You need to see all sorts of assorted foods and beverages doing the rounds.

We quickly found a table and settled down, After having our fair share of foods and in order not to give ourselves out as students, we quickly agreed to display classy poses and demeanour. All sorts of drinks and foods were brought to our table, we politely turned some down, forming posh (lol).

Having sampled all the foods and drinks brought to our table and we were sure that we had eaten to our satisfaction, we stylishly slipped out of the hall, me first and then my friend, Wale.

That was how yours indeed gatecrashed a wedding and went scot-free. Have you had similar experiences? Kindly comment, share and like. Have a lovely weekend.

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