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OPINION: How A Pilot Ended Up As A Tailor Shows The Importance Of Handwork

In the year 2013, the Kano State Government sponsored up to 100 graduates to a professional pilot training in Jordan. A 38 years old Man identified as Ishaq Ibrahim Abubakar was among the graduates that went for the training. Even though Ibrahim was able to complete the training, he came back home and ended up as a tailor.

Ibrahim has a Bachelor of science degree in Physics which he obtained from the University of Bayero, Kano State. He felt really lucky and happy when he found out that he would be among the 100 graduates that would be going all the way to Jordan for the Pilot training.

Ibrahim was so good that he was able to get his commercial pilot license with an A rating, he also got the other necessary papers after his training. After the training Ibrahim came back home only for things to change totally.

In the year 2015 Ibrahim came back to Nigeria hoping for the best, sadly since then he never flew any plane neither was he ever part of a crew. He was unable to get a job as a pilot even with all his certificates. After staying idle without a job as a pilot, Ibrahim decided to look for a different source of income.

Ibrahim decided to go into Tailoring, he learnt this as a craft when he was still growing up. Working as a tailor has helped him alot alongside the other teaching job he does.

One reason Ibrahim did not make it as a Pilot is because he needed some financial assistance for him to continue as a pilot. It is part of the requirements for all pilots to go for extra training even after graduating from flying school. It is not just about having the license to fly, there are other requirements involved.

Majority of the graduates that went Abroad for training are facing the same issue, they have not yet completed the necessary training.

Ibrahim is able to survive now because he learnt how to sew clothes before going for his flying school. Even though he didn't get a job as a Pilot, he can still be able to feed and take care of himself.


This just shows that having another handwork can really come in handy in time of trouble. Majority of the rich people in the world today did not get rich from whatever they studied in school, a few of them got rich from their own handwork. This is why majority of parents put their kids in technical schools, or send them to go learn one handwork or the other.

Once you have a handwork you are perfect in, you won't even be sad if you did not get a job. You can work on your craft and perfect it, that way you can even make more money from being an entrepreneur. Even though Ibrahim did not end up as a Pilot, at least he has something doing that gives him income. One day, that tailoring shop can get him to the position he wants to be and he can even get more money to pay for his complete Pilot training.

Source- Daily Trust

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