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8 Reasons Why Bad Students Become More Successful Than The Good Ones(Opinion)

Many parents try to convince their children that the value of school is very important. And when their children get bad grades, they tell them and make it difficult for them to learn. But in real life, school grades are often not important at all. How many times have you heard from children who are not very successful at school but are in a good company or are the owner of a company?

I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that this is the reason why bad students are more successful than good students.

1. They are not interested in grades.

For excellent students, their grades are a sign of success: if they have good grades, it means they have achieved something. However, all levels are subjective and not only depend on the quality of knowledge, but also on other factors such as the teacher and his mood. Poor students don't need grades to prove they succeed. If they pursue their goals, they are not looking for evaluations of others, but are more interested in how satisfied they are with what they have done.

2. They do not try to look good.

Often it is very important for good students to make a good impression on their teacher. That is why they try to be active even if they are not interested in a topic. And bad students don't try to impress someone. Even though they respect the teacher, they don't do things they don't want to do.

Very often people follow this pattern of behaviour in their communication with their superiors.

3. They don't do everything themselves.

Many good students obey the rules: "If you want to do something, do it yourself." This is because they are used to 100% there and control everything themselves. At the same time, bad students use others to get what they want.

In the lives of older people, they also follow these patterns: while some are exhausted from doing more than they can, others delegate their duties to others.

4. They allow themselves to be imperfect.

Some people stick to the rules: "Either I do it perfectly or I don't do it at all." Living this way is very difficult because it is absolutely impossible to succeed in any field. People will spend years in a dead end trying to work harder and harder, and they will never make a leap of trust and do something they really like.

Here is an example: "I went to art school and there was a boy. He was pretty good, but he didn't do well in middle school. However, that did not prevent him from becoming one of the best graffiti artists in the country. Today he works with people from all over the world. And if he is a perfectionist who truly cares about his values, his talent will never be found. ""

5. They do not do things they do not like.

Bad students never argue about doing things they don't care about, especially things they don't think make sense. Instead, they focus on the things they really care about. And student A will continue to learn things just to be good students.

6. You have other things to do outside of your homework.

Naughty students spend their free time as they wish: reading, playing sports, playing music, dancing or playing with other children.

According to psychologists, middle school students often find it difficult to relax because they are not only mentally but also mentally tense. Unfortunately, this problem continues into adulthood: they are often afraid because they are afraid of not meeting the expectations of others.

7. They are not only good at success, but also fail.

We all know people who find it very difficult to overcome failure. They even treat the smallest mistakes as big problems. And bad students are accustomed to getting bad and good grades. For them, bad ranking (failure) is not the end of the world. In real life, they face stress much better and recover more easily after making a mistake.

8. You are ready to take risks.

People who are not very successful at school must continue to adapt to the situation. They allow themselves to dream and not live according to their parents' plans for them. They are now better able to overcome their mistakes.

If they leave college, change jobs, or want to move to another country, they will. They listen to themselves and what they want.

Do you have bad students in your school? How are they now?

I am not giving students the option of being a bad student but only encouraging the bad students who have been embarrassed to never give up and continue fighting until you get to a better height.

Drop your comments and follow me.

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