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NYSC : How To Avoid Extension Of Service Year (6 ways)

It is no News that not all corps members that began their service year will successfully finished and be awarded their nysc Certificate(s), at the end of their compulsory one year service duration. Since the inception of nysc, Corpers at different occasions, have been punished by the scheme for their various offences.

The punishments ranges from suspension, extension, and repetition of service year, to even exclusion from service. And up till this time, little or no attention have been drawn by the general public and PCM to the causes and nature of the punishment; Which could simply imply that PCM are still not aware of the do and don't of the scheme. While some smarter corps members were given various award(s) for their Excellency, in addition to nysc certificate.

In the like, the POP of 2020 batch B stream 2 which was carried out on thursday 16th July 2020, has seen some corpers been punished by the scheme as usual, while some others won prizes. As in the case of Oyo state 2020 batch B stream 2 corpers in which; 11 got service extension, 14 will be remobilize, and 2 won award prizes, this has statistical similarities with other states corpses at same time. In other not to be a victim of such punishment as contain above and hence wasting of time by PCM, here are 6 tips to keep you through to avoid been punish and time wasting;

(1) Be a graduate and register for nysc scheme with authentic credentials : Real graduate should know the do and don't of his endeavour(s) and hence using real credentials is an indication that you are illegible.

(2) Keep to the various nysc rules and regulations: Obeys the various lay down bye law rules and regulations by the scheme for your successful completion of your service year. Visit the nysc website for nysc regulations at; or

(3) Keep to the rules of your PPA: It involves putting on a good behaviour in your place of primary assignment. This is very important as any comment from you PPA to nysc has a great effect on successful service year.

(4) Keep to the rules of your CDS: It involves attending cds meetings and actively put your resources in carrying out a planned development project. It is via this many smart corp member(s) earn for themselves various award(s).

(5) Keep to the rules of the Country: It involves avoiding crimes and criminals acts as contain in FG constitutional law of Nigeria.

(6) Be patient and monitor your health: It involves getting the best out of the service year, and never become unserious due to the concept of 'service is a waste of time'. Also keep a good health habits as this is important in marking your self present at all time in the active service year. 

PCM should take note, and don't forget to share, comment, like this page and follow for more updates.

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