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Covid-19: A Loss To Private School Owners, And Gain To Private School Teachers (Opinion)

It's no news that schools, both primary, secondary and Tertiary institution have all been locked, about four months ago precisely March due to the the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic, that has infected thousands of Nigerians, reasons the federal government has decided not to open schools yet as part of ways to contain the Covid-19.

In view of this, students and pupils have all been denied to of going back to school, as they've all been at home, 4 months without going to school or church seems unbelievable but it is actually happening now. And this has affected everybody directly or indirectly, especially the students, school owners who are known as Proprietors and Proprietresses.

The private shool owners are the most affected especially those that pay rent for the building they occupied for the runnings of the school, it's very sad that at this moment schools aren't making profit cause parents are are not paying for kids school fees who are at home. While the rent is reading and won't stop reading.

Fir the teacher's they've all found a solution to their problems of not earning money for the past 4 months, it's safe to say this current pandemic might have affected some private school teachers when it all started in March, but presently after waiting for months and there's no hope of school resuming anytime soon, most of them have started coaching classes as they now have students or pupils as the case may be.

Most of them now make money, in just 3 hours even more than what they make in schools when been employed by school owners for longer hours, and it seems they are quite satisfied with this, but for how long do we continue like this? As this is really eating deep into the financial crisis, of the school owners as they are practically not receiving anything monetary, as parent is not paying for school that's not on session.

We hope the Federal Government rescinds it's decision pretty soon and allow our students and pupils to go back to school, probably September, 

The body In charge of private schools, which is the National Association of Proprietors if private schools, NAPPS, at a point in time seeked stimulus funding to turn around their Businesses, while teachers are also asking the government to consider them in the sharing of palliatives.

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