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3 Ways To Gain The Attention Of The Students In The Classroom

Student are seen as the future of the family, town, state, and country. If the education of the student don't have the good foundation, such that students are totally destroy his/her future.

Teacher have a lot of way to go on students if they want good future for their country. They need to gain the health of the student in order to concentrate to their studies. These are the three important ways that teacher almost need to draw the attention of the student in the classroom.

1). Keep Class Rules Simple And Clear

If the teacher does not imposed strict rules on students especially emotionally disturbed students, because emotionally disturbed students will most likely struggle if you impose a long list of complicated rules and demands.

Teacher need to try and keep their classroom guidelines broad and simple. Let the students know about them, on the first day of class and post them in the classroom as well. They should be clear and simple teaching activities also in order to gain their attention.

2). Reward Positive Behavior

While you will, at times, have to discipline student for improper behavior, remember that rewarding positive behavior is ultimately far more effective in the long run. If the student are reward with good, he/she will motivate to do or repeat the good deed that he deed for the first time and will continue to perform well in classroom.

Teacher need to try and celebrate the success of the student more than punish their mistake. When they received positive feedback and rewards, they will start yo see that there is a positive benefit to do good behavior.

3). Use Motivation Strategies

Is not good for the teacher to be always shout on student because it will make student to be afraid. If the student afraid of teacher, it is possible for the student to fail. They might often lack the desire or motivation to try to succeed.

To avoid disruptive or off - task behavior, you need to take some extra steps motivate your students, offer them incentives for academic success, large and small. Celebrate their hard work , and praise their good efforts consistently.

We are not says, that you should not punish your students but, limit it and take it simple. Also, you need to always reward them anytime they do good. By doing all these, that means you are produce a good product for your country. Not only teacher, to all the parent praise your children when they do good deed and always advise them well.

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