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Zaria Attack: ABU And Other Higher Institutions Should Apply These 4 Measures To Safeguard Lives

Reports reaching us has confirmed an attack in Samaru, Zaria by bandits. The incident which occurred in the early hours of 27 August 2021 led to the abduction of several persons. It should be noted that Samaru houses several tertiary institutions including ABU main campus, College of Leather Technology, and College Of Aviation.

The current attack of this area should be a warning to all higher institutions in the area, as bandits might likely visit them soonest. Recall that students have been the main targets of bandits in recent times. However, to curtail any future attack, ABU and other Higher Institutions should apply the following proactive measures:

(1) Nobody Should Be Allowed Into The School Campus Without A Valid Means Of Identification.

To minimise the risk of attacks by bandits, schools should be strict on those entering their campuses. Visitors and students must provide a valid means of identification before gaining access.

(2) Curfew Should Be Imposed At Night.

Entering and leaving the campus at late night should be banned, as most cases of attacks are carried out at night. Furthermore, students living in the hostel or studying at night should not be allowed to gallivant.

(3) School Securities Should Be Armed With Rifles.

School securities are usually responsible for instilling peace and order on campuses - to make their work more effective, they should be armed with rifles to be able to resist gunmen when they strike. You can't bring out a knife or stick in a gunfight.

(4) Tricycle/Bike Operators And Other Business Owners Should Be On Watch.

For an attack to be successful, an insider must be involved. Tricycle/bike operators and other business owners within the campus know the nooks and crannies of the school, therefore they can easily be used as informants by bandits. The school security should observe their move to detect any suspicion.

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