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Funny examination jokes that will make you laugh. (See pictures)

School sweet, but na exams spoil am."

This is a popular saying among students, especially students in Tertiary Institutions such as Universities and Colleges etc. 

Most students get anxious and nervous when they know that they have some tests and exams to write. Also most students do not like to hear that exams are by the corner. They even wish that there were no exams in the schooling system at all; that one could just go to school without having to write exams. While some students get themselves adequately prepared for tests and exams, most students are never serious with their studies until a week or few days before the kick off of exams. This brings about some funny attitude display of students in the exam hall. Invigilators see a lot of these things done by students, and most of the time, they are always equal to the task. 

But truly, we think that on a general context, school is fun because of the various character display of persons whom you come in contact with. There are other social and academic activities which definitely spice up schooling, but it is obvious that the slightest thought of examination is what frightens students the most, because it is through the results in examination tests, that the fate of students are decided; the fate of progressing to a higher grade level of study and consequently graduation. That is why even though students dislike exams, they have no choice but to submissively take the tests and try to get the pass mark if not distinction. It is during exams period that you begin to see how humble students are.. 😂 

especially in universities where sometimes you don't know some of your coursemates until the day of exams when you see them for the very first time, and in the next semester, the same thing happens again, and you begin to wonder whether something is wrong somewhere. Lol. 

However, these things are really funny to behold in some way. Sometimes students complain of how rough the school system is, they complain about some lecturers and even complain about their fellow students. But it is after they have graduated that they begin to miss all of these experiences which they have had in the past. They begin to wish they could turn back the hands of time to those old days because truly speaking, these days are really golden moments in people's lives. 

It is because of students' behaviours, their reactions and responses towards these things that some folks have creatively put up some jokes concerning examinations and the drama we see. And in thiay post, we bring you a picture gallery of some of these funny jokes on examinations. We hope that you find something funny to laugh about from this post. 

Here are the jokes. 

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