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[OPINION]: Nigeria University Education and Incessant Strikes: The Way Forward.

Nigeria Public Universities has been plagued with incessant strikes disrupting the academic activities of students. The situation is getting out of hand as the leaders do not care about the education system because their children are not part of the system but in foreign countries studying. Assuming their children are part of the system, they wouldn't allow strikes to take place. The leaders will do everything within their power to prevent such a scenario.

It is disheartening to see how education in Nigeria has been relegated to the ground. The leaders do not want to release enough funds for education. We lack infrastructural facilities and other things to measure up to the world standard of education. The leaders practically want to run down the system so that they can keep running to other countries thereby leaving the poor to suffer. Education no longer serves as the bedrock of the nation but a playground for the leaders as they are not taking any proactive steps to stop incessant strikes.

Nigeria Universities are facing a lot of challenges ranging from funding, payment of salaries, the poor state of some schools, lack of accommodation facilities, laboratory facilities, tech facilities, and lecture halls. These are some of the reasons that the University Staffs are always going on strike and the Federal Government has been reluctant in addressing these needs. The Federal Government has refused to disburse the revitalization fund for University development, many staffs are underpaid and so many allowances owed to lecturers have not been paid by the Federal government. These are the setbacks in Nigeria Universities.

The lawmakers have reduced the establishment of universities to constituency projects which is why we have a proliferation of universities in some states when the government is not capable of funding them. It has become an issue of politicking without involving the real stakeholders. How can a state have up to five Universities while the leaders are still struggling to fund them? Before a new university should be established, those proposing for it should look at the benefit of those new universities to the immediate environment?

The leaders also lack vision and do not seek counsel on how to solve some issues affecting the education system. They neglect so many things to the detriment of the people. The minister of education and University Staff do not hold Education Summit often to discuss how to improve the Nigeria University Education system to meet world standards and suggest other ways to raise funds to support learning and research activities in the University. The Government in addition does not trace their revenue which is affecting all parts of Nigeria's economy.

However, to stop incessant strikes in Nigeria Universities, the government should stop creating more schools when they know they cannot fund them. They should increase budget funds for education to improve institutions and should stop politicizing everything. The Federal government and University staff should always hold education summits to hold conversations on how institutions should be founded and the improvement of the existing ones. The government should also keep a proper record of their revenues and ensure transparency and accountability exist in the collection of revenues. They should be able to come up with quarterly reports on revenue for people to see how funds are put into various government projects and how the leaders run the affairs of the government. This will help to build trust between the government and its citizens.

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