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Despite Ogun Tescom Teachers' Transfer, The Challenge Of Inadequate Manpower Persists

The recent transfer of Teachers by the state Teaching Service Commission had witnessed transfer of Teachers across the local government area of the state as well as the four blocs of the state namely; Remo, Ijebu, Yewa and Egba.

Recently, the Chairman of the State Teaching service Commission, Evangelist Olamilekan Ifede while addressing stakeholders about the reasons behind the transfer had Stated that it will improve the state educational standard as the measure would enhance even distribution of teachers across the state public schools and help the under-staffed school.

Instead of meeting the challenges which the state Tescom chairman had highlighted, the transfer has only helped in showing the lapses on the side of the Government that has not taken on the spot headcount of Teachers to ascertain the numbers of teacher that are physically available in respect to each subject before embarking on the transfer.

The effect of the step taken by the Teaching Service Commission has widely thrown teachers especially within the state capital to the challenges of having excessive number of periods which is counter productive to an effective teaching and learning.

For the transfer to effectively improve the state educational standard through even distribution of teachers across the state public schools and also help the under-staffed schools to gain more workforce, the Teaching service Commission should take on the spot accessement of teachers in respect to their areas of specialization and not upon the data which the Commission is being furnished with as many teachers are presently teaching subjects outside their area of specialization due to lack of manpower within the state teaching sector.

If this is effectively done, the actual number of available teachers in the state teaching service alongside with their areas of specialization will be known and this will help in planning a detailed teachers' transfer

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