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Look at What Happened After a Student Left His Yam Tubers in The Hostel During Lockdown

When students were advised to vacate the campus before the Covid-19 lockdown, some students don't think it would last for long so they left some of their foodstuffs especially the ones that are heavy to carry to avoid extra transportation costs.

When the interstate ban was lifted, some didn't think there was a need to go back to campus but some group of students who left in a hurry came around. Also, some group of students wanted to check on their belongings or want to collect some important documents they left behind while some students came to renew their rents.

All of a sudden, some students spotted what seemed like a plant growing out from a student's room. Some students could not believe what they saw. Some thought it was just a prank. However, some people took a picture of this and it circulated through social media recently.

while some people may think this is impossible, so many science students know it is very possible. The yam was able to grow because there is enough oxygen and you can see those leaves growing out from that window because it is searching for the sun. In our elementary science, response to stimuli is a characteristic of any living thing and the growing yam is responding positively to the sun.

The student that occupies the room visited his hostel recently and took pictures of these yams. If you are into Agriculture, you will agree with me that these yams will do very well if cultivated.

Some people are advising him to go and cultivate the yam while some think he should salvage and eat anything that is remaining stating that it's already past planting season.

What is your reaction? What would you do if it were you?

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