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Secondary Education


How a professional teacher should be

A professional is a person who belongs to a profession. It means a person who earns his living from a specified activity. A professional is an expert. A teacher on the other hand is a person who teaches especially one employed in a school.

What then is a professional teacher?

A professional teacher is a person who had undergone a professional training in education and is able to help others to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude in other to achieve set educational goals. A professional teacher is not just a teacher but rather a nation builder.

Fafunwa (1965) classified teachers into five (5) groups:

1. The ones that are born to be a teacher.

2. The ones that have undergone professional training in education. The ones who choose teaching as the I profession.

3. The ones who cannot succeed in their field of studies but because they have minimum academic qualifications joined the teaching profession.

4. The ones who have secondary education but have been disqualified due to poor acadrmic performance.

5. The ones who had not gone to secondary education because of their inability to pass entrance examination.

From the classification above, you could see that 1 and 2 are the qualified teachers because they are efficient and effective much more than the rest.

During my teaching practice, I saw that e em the youth corpers were unable to construct a simple and concise lesson note because they have not undergone the professional training in other to know the methods or methodology which is the pedagogy for teachers.

I did not write this article to condemn anybody but rather encourage you to work harder because the society needs you more than you can imagine. You should not jump into the profession because you do not find a job in your field if study or because you have a secondary education certificate you think you can jump into the profession.

Be a change today..... Teaching profession should be for only qualified teachers. Our children needs qualified teachers and our children needs professionals.


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