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Despite Being 50 Years Old and Having a Business, This Lady Chose to Go to Primary School, See Why

April 3rd, 2021.


What would you do if you were in the shoes of this lady? If you were unable to go to school during your childhood, would you do it as a much older person? Would you go to school at 50 years of age, even if you were into business?

Such is the story of one Shade Ajayi, a businesswoman in Kwara State, who was reportedly not privileged to receive education at a young age.

According to this report, Shade Ajayi had never been able to go to school when she was younger.

This was because she had worked in her aunt’s shop as a child.

As a businesswoman, she engages in the sales of bags and purses.

She also reportedly believes that her inability to read and write serves as a hindrance to her currently.

So, she has taken up the challenge of attending primary school at 50 years of age.

According to her, she says she is not ashamed to wear a uniform.

According to her teacher, Nasrat Busari, Miss Ajayi has been able to cope well with her primary school classmates, doing things together with them such as talking and playing, despite the massive age gap between her and them.

In the report, her daughter, Shola Adeboye, was said to have initially been embarrassed by her mother attending primary school, but she eventually accepted it, saying that up until then, her mother had always desired to be educated, but could not.

Despite her current academic pursuit, Shade Ajayi still does her business, and she says that on the matter of people who might look on her efforts in ridicule, it is her duty to not pay them any attention.


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Image Credits: Nigerian Tribune

Article Source: Twitter, Nigerian Tribune

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