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Opinion: check out what you will experience during your UTME examination

As the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) began two days ago, some candidates that have written their examinations have shared their experiences with us regarding their examinations.

In this article, I'm revealing to you my noble readers, the experiences that have been shared with me by those candidates so that you will get some hints to prepare in advance for your forthcoming examination. It will be of great benefit to you if you can study these experiences.

The candidates' experiences are:

1. Candidates in the same session write the same questions: we have learned that candidates with the same subjects combination and who write their exams on the same day were given the same questions to answer. But the order of the questions was changed. For example, if Candidate A and Candidate B write on the same day and session, Candidate A's question No. 1 may be candidates' B question No. 15. This shows that JAMB set the same questions for each session but they reverse the order of the questions.

2. New questions were set for another session on another day of the exam: new questions were given to candidates on another day and session to answer. Some candidates will keep searching for questions that were given to candidates that have written their exams before them so that they can study them to prepare for their exam. I would like to tell you that your questions and their questions cannot be the same. So it is only important that you study the questions to know how well you have prepared for your exam than to cram the questions and answers for your exam.

3. A sheet will be provided for your calculation: after your biometric verification, you will be given a sheet for calculation If your subject's combination includes subjects that require calculation. This sheet is only meant for calculation purposes and you shouldn't do anything that will implicate you with it in the examination hall.

4. Onscreen ordinary calculator will be provided for you: a calculator will be provided for you on the screen. Many candidates complained that that calculator took much of their time while they were using it because they will have to navigate through numbers with the mouse. Do not waste your time on a question that required much calculation or a question you can't get quickly. Move to the next question and come back to those difficult questions later.

With these experiences I have shared with you, I hope you have learnt some important tips. If so, kindly share this article on all social media for others to read.

If you have any questions regarding JAMB and the admission process, drop them in the comment section below.

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