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Solve These 6 Puzzles And Prove That You Are A Genius With Unique Thinking

Solving a puzzle may not be the most difficult thing you have ever done in your life but these ones demand creative brain! These aren't your regular questions! Solve these ones and prove that you are a genius!

Connect These Dots

The directions are as simple as it can get1 All you have to do is just connect some dots!


We told you it demands unique thinking. Did you successfully do it?

This One Now!

Irrespective of whether you were able to connect them or no, try this one out! This one may just be slightly easy for you if you did the first one right.


Here you go. Not as difficult if you did the first one right!

More Dots

The number of dots have increased and so has the number of lines you can use. Give it a try! Think out of the box!


Here is the answer for this one! Interesting, right?

Mathematical problem

Now here is a mathematical problem. Were you good at Math in school? We'll know soon!


The answer to this mathematical problem is a little complicated. You needed a lot of thinking to solve this one!

This One?

How about this one? How you solve says a lot about your analytic thinking!


Here's the answer to this! Another Math problem that wasn't easy at all!

Try Solving This

Look at this one and try solving this! This one requires a similar thinking as well!


Ad here is the answer to our final question! So how many did you get right?

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This One Now


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