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Education: Seven Reading Tricks To Help You Pass Your Exams

Reading is sweet if you make it a hobby. Most people who come out with excellent results after exams are usually good readers. You need to read properly in other to remember what you read during exams.

When I was a student, I tried many funny tricks to help me pass my exams, but most of them failed. Then in school, it was difficult for me to read at night. So if I must read at night, I must try one or two tricks to keep me awake.

One of the funny tricks I tried while in school was putting my legs in a bucket of cold water. Another one is chewing gum which usually earn me headache and migraine. I also drink coffee and even sometimes I chew kola nut just to keep me awake. In the end, I discovered that none of those tricks actually worked for me. I'll show you the best trick that will work for you which also worked for me.

If you want to read, the most important and the first and last thing to do is to pray to God. Tell God to help you to read and understand. Ask for God's holy spirit to educate you and make reading easier for you. Of course, when reading becomes easier, it becomes fun. When you are done reading, please do not forget to thank God and also ask him for retentive memory so you can remember all that you have read.

Some people prefer to read in the night, while some would prefer day time. I want to tell you, don't do because others or your friends are doing it. Your friend might prefer to read in the night, maybe that is when he usually have chance to read. Think about your own time. What time is the best for you? When do you have chance? If you can answer these questions, you are good. If you have chance all the time, then you can read in the morning, evening or at night.

Another important trick in succeeding in reading is reading regularly. Some people have formed the habit of reading only when there is quiz or exam. This is bad. Even before school resumes, start reading. Read like your life depends on it. Please do not wait until exam period before you start reading. The more you read, the more likely you are to remember.

I'll advise you not to read on the exam day. If you have been reading before exam, you should have known majority of the questions that will be asked. Do your revision 3 or 2 days to the exam. A day before the exam, please rest very well. Sleep very well. Have fun. Your brain works better when you mix different activities. Do not bore your brain the monotony of single activity. Please rest a day before the exam.

While reading, please be focused. Avoid haphazard eye movement. If you are tired, please go and rest. Do not force yourself to read when you are tired. Read only when you are calm. If you are angry or over excited, please do not read. You will be distracted if you do. You need to remain focused.

While reading, it is important you take notes of some things in the book. You may need to glance through your jotter when you are done reading. Try it and see what it does.

While reading, please imagine whatever you have read. Think deeply about it and it will make your understanding of the reading more easily.

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