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Do you want to break your records this week? Then learn these three techniques.

Please follow us for more to come.

To cut it short, I know you are old enough to remember your past and present. If so my question for you is 'Do you see Dynamics in your every day activities?'

Either Yes or No, come learn this because no knowledge is a waste.

Do these three things to create new changes in your day to days activities.

I call them 'the three LAB of life'

1. Listen fast, Respond slow:

This do not actually means that you should ignore answering people, or the things going on around you.

It's more of a proverb to say this, so it has two sides meaning-

• What it meant, is that; 'No matter what ever comes your way, think before taking actions'. Only animals do things without thinking.

• Do not utter any word that's not necessary.

2. Avoid procrastinations

Please do the right thing, at the very appropriate time. I know this may not be so easy to do, but the solution to it is for you to make a planner. A planner is just like a time table, where you write down the things you want to accomplish for probably a day, week, or even for a whole month.

3. Be Original:

Yes, we all have Role models, but only their steps to achievement is what we should know, so we can do extremely better were they failed to do so.

Note: 'As soon as you begin to copy your role model, then you are no longer Original self'.

This could go a long way to distroy your career/ focuses in life.

That will be all for today, so don't hesitate to ask questions. Expect more to come by tomorrow!

Thanks for reading...

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