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Literature Poetry

I Saw What Made Me Happy(Fiction)

   ... PROLOGUE ....



 'Omowunmi, don't miss this opportunity, this is the last party, you will have free foods,free fun, everything would be perfect;Olakunle said.

 'You have to forget about this exam and rock this party, don't be a dummy;my sister advised.

 I had to think about this,this is the last party as a final year student, if I go to this party,it would be fun. No wait,come to think of it, what if something bad happens, I won't like to break my promise. If I should stay at home and study,I will make good grades and make my parents glad.

'What should I do now;I thought.

 Omowunmi,Omolabake,and Olakunle are siblings who happened to be taught almost everything they need to know from their teenagerdom.

 They got to the university and are in a dilemma of doing either the right or wrong things.They found themselves choosing whether to go to a party or not.This is where the change would happen.

 This party would be turnaround for the siblings. Will they attend the party?If they attend the party,what would probably happen?What would probably make one of them happy?

Find out in this mind blowing story,sit tight and enjoy.

This is my ist book, pls don't forget to like,and comment.

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