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Insecurity: How Local Hunters Will Play A Major Role In The Safety Of Students In The North

Amidst school resumption, parents, guardians and students, especially in the Northern part of Nigeria may feel unsure on allowing their wards to continue schooling, and this is because of the recent development that has ravaged some states, where attacks have been centered on school children, both primary, secondary and tertiary level.

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Though, even as such fear is necessary, the need for students to obtain their education is quite important, and the government whose concern is the wellbeing of the masses have continued to show willingness in bringing solutions to problems.

One of the solutions allegedly being considered is the hiring of hunters and vigilantes to safeguard schools, all for the protection of students against these bandits who have continued to wreak havoc.

This is according to a verified source where it was revealed that some states have begun to take that into consideration as the school session is set to begin. This development seems to be quite a good approach in ensuring that the fears of parents and students are no more.

Photo Credit: Punch Newspaper (Local Hunters)

However, it is important to understand how these hunters and vigilantes will be tasked with protecting students, as it will be discussed in this article.

These hunters and vigilante in these regions have experienced huge and continual torment by bandits, and this has not only put them in fear, but has affected the wellbeing of residents in the state.

These local hunters have now directed these fears into anger to passionately defend not only the students and other categories of people, but their community and State.

Photo Credit: Legit (A Picture Of A Hostel In A College After Being Attacked By Bandits)

This passion, probably birthed from the fear they have been made to live in the past, will indeed be a major role in safeguarding schools in their community, ensuring that these bandits don't find a way to attack these innocent and vulnerable students.

Furthermore, these local hunters will play a huge role because they will be assisting the authorities by having an advantage in terms of manpower. The security operatives probably won't be able to ensure everyone to safeguard schools in this banditry ravaged States, making these hunters relevant in such an aspect.

The higher number of people fighting these bandits and ensuring the protection of innocent lives, the higher chance of defeating them and ending this menace, thereby protecting these students in their respective schools or institutions.

Photo Credit: Paradise News

What's your opinion towards this? Could they prove effective in safeguarding schools amidst school resumption in the northern part of Nigeria? Put your thoughts in the comment section below.

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