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4 deceptive books powerful politicians read... Be careful of No.3 & 4

Books are one of the purest forms of information which has not lost it's importance even in this Jet again. They convey the mind of great men, authors, researchers and leaders.... The books in this article are a politicians compass. They are not bad books but they have the capacity to help you outwit the crafty - But in doing so, you become crafty.

The Art of Seduction

Robert Greene

The art of Seduction is a masterful combination of great seducers like Cleopatra, J.F kennedy, from Warhol to Josephine Bonaparte. The Art of Seduction is noxious. It enters the character of the manipulator and teaches him strategies for his triumphs and to outwit his opponent. It's a good read...

The Power of One

Bryce Courtenay

A book for anyone who dares to believe! An inspiring, extremely well written fictional novel about a boy Peekay, born in the apartheid post war period in South Africa. He rose through diverse gruesome experiences and unorthodox mentors to become a great man. This book has been made into a film and it has an audio version with introduction by the writer himself.

48 Laws Of Power

Robert Greene

Be careful while reading this one, because the application of some of it's laws might directly conflict with religious tenets. We must understand that achievement of success and rise to power has always involved a certain degree of tactical duplicity and power play from time imemorial - this is all encapsulated in the 48 Laws of Power. This book is a politicians manual!

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli

The book is packed with strong quotes and sayings. Written by the only dictator loved by many. The purpose of this book is clear How To get Power And Keep It. Note: This book might alter the fabric if your morality if not read with care.

Please Read this...

Read these books with a conscience and run them through your moral compass. Don't let them snatch your religious foundation as it has with a lot of our leaders... Because they could be helpful to you as you gain success and power.

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