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Npower Batch C: Get Ready for physical verification if you have successfully written your test.

This is a massage to all Npower batch C, 2020 applicants, who have successfully completed their Npower computer based test.

Many applicants are anxious to know what becomes of them, after haven completed the compulsory online test. Some are basically more interested in the congratulatory massage usually disseminated by Npower management, to successful candidates.

Why the waiting continues, I feel is worth revealing to you, your fate on the final selection expectation. Alot of persons are concerned basically on the level of score they achieved on the Npower test, but this is never the basic.

Npower test, is more of secondary requirements, to getting finally selected. There are primary requirements, which with your 100% score, you are as good as dumped if these requirements are not met, and these requirements are very necessary to scaling through the final stage, known as physical verification.

So, If you have done your Npower test successfully, and you have submitted, get the followings ready

They include:

(1) Documents: trust me when I say that some applicants may not even know the condition of their documents. The fact that you you performed well during test, doesn't mean all is over. All documents included during physical verification must be made physically present, at physical verification. Ensure your documents are close to your reach, and are all in good condition.

The most required documents are:

*Your physical self.

*Education certificates.

*Birth certificate/Age declaration.

*Your nasim ID may be required

(2) State of residence: during registration, you were meant to select a state of residence. Npower frowns at relocation complaints during physical verification. You must go back to the selected state of residence to get verified if you have relocated from that state.

(3) Don't wait for congratulatory massage before getting prepared: in so far you have written your test successfully, after updating your records, there are good chances you will get selected irrespective of your poor/high scores. Many applicants were unable to write the test, and the closing date is almost near.

Automatically, they are disqualified. You Who scaled through have a big chance of been selected. Npower congratulatory massage usually comes with date of physical verification, not far from the day is sent.

For batch B, physical verification took place less than a week after the massage was sent. This is the reason you must be very prepared.

In conclusion, it's my prayer that all applicants who have earnestly pursued this Npower FG job, will get selected. Do the right thing and leave the rest for God.

Please, follow this page for more news on Npower batch C.

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