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Best ways to prepare for Exams

1 Organize yourself.

Make the most of your study time. Don’t just panic, bury your head deep in your books.

2 Don’t just read but Study.

Why not form a reading group with friends? It’ll provide you with variety and moral support, having people arround gives you motivation thereby helping to accomplish your goals and targets. Most of all pick a reading schedule.

3 Deal with your stress.

Having exams stress is perfectly normal, make your stress a positive motivator. Perhaps too much of stress can affect your performance nagatively, so take regular breaks, exercise daily.

4 Ask for help.

If you need more explanation ad clarification on a topic you’re struggling with, then ask your teacher or. Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for explanation towards any topic you don’t really understand.

5 Prepare very well.

Failing to prepare ensures sure preparation to fail. The highest guarantee of passing exam depends on the rate of your preparation. Prepare very well, study widely along with effective research.

6 Pray.

Before stepping on the the exam room make sure you’ve prayed 

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