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How To Effectively Plan Your Way To Academic Excellence As A Student

For a student to excel, he needs to plan properly. It is what gives value to purpose, purpose is dead without a plan. Your objective of going to school is to position yourself for excellence but this can only be achieved if you plan properly.  To effectively plan a course of action, you need to decide on what to do, how to executive it and the time to effect it.

For a student who wants to excel in his academics, he needs to map out what he needs to do in order to achieve his aims. In this instance, he needs to study, go to class, pray and socialize. What is he going to study? His class notes, reference books, journals and works of other people. He also needs to be prompt to class and ensure that he does not get into bad books of his professors. For an African, working is not enough. There is need to create time to pray. He should also associate with colleagues that may add values to his life. Many students may be aware of what they need to do. The problem with some of us is how to do it.

For a start, how do you study? Every individual has a mode of study that suits best. It is important to discover yours. For some students, reading is more effective while listening to music but for others, there is need for serenity. Unfortunately, many students tend to copy the mode of reading of others and get fried in the process. Effectively planning involves discovering what is best for you and exploiting it. 

After laying out plans on how you want to get it done, it is important to set out the time for each activity. As a student, you need to discover your best study time. Some people assimilate better when they study late into the night before sleeping. Others study more effectively when the wake up very early in the day. Apart from your study time, you need to plan your timetable for each day and stick to it a much as possible. This will prevent you from deviating from your plans.

If you plan your days, properly, you will not be socializing when you should be praying or studying. At the end of the day, you will graduate with flying colours

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