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Are you a slow learner? Do these three things to improve your learning speed.

Learning is a process of acquiring new skills, knowledge, talent and values. The importance of learning can never be overemphasized.

Many people find it difficult to comprehend what they learn properly. They find themselves forgetting easily what they have read.

If you are facing this problem, it doesn't mean you aren't intelligent.

Here are a few things to do in other to improve your learning speed :

1. Use of memory tips :

Memory tip simply means abbreviating long information in other to remember it faster. Take for instance, MR NIGER D, is a memory tip used in remembering characteristics of leaving things.

2. Use of jotters.

You may not notice it but whenever you jot down important points during a lesson, you will hardly forget it.

3. Being persistent in reading:

You have to be persistent in your studies. Scientists have proven that learning structures the brain. What this means is that you should always read your book.

In conclusion, everybody is intelligent. The only difference between you and an overachiever is that the later spends more time studying than you.

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