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Payment Of Lip Service To Free Education In Nigeria Is A Major Reason For The Decline In The Sector

Education is generally referred to as the best legacy a parent can give to his or her child, as the type of Education given to a child determines how far such a child goes in life.

To ensure a proper upbringing of a child academically, all hands must be on deck, such that a proper monitoring of the child's activities in the school is well taken care of by the parents in other to ensure a synergy between the school and home.

It has been observed that many of the students in our various public elementary educational institutions are without educational materials at which a proper teaching and learning can be achieved.

A contributory factor which is responsible for this act in our young learners is largely attributed to the type of free Education being practiced in the country.

Most Parents are of the opinion that government should be responsible for the provision of educational materials to the students as part of their electioneering campaign.

Apart from the fact that no fees is payed in many of our public schools, there is no provision for any other instructional materials such as the text and note books which are essential in the Teaching and learning of our future leaders.

If the various state governments across the length and breadth of the nation, continues in this act, the already fallen standard of our educational system will continue to be on the downward trend.

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