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Nigeria at 61: Three things all Nigerians can do to make Nigeria a better place.

Today is Independence day, a day set aside to mark the day we became free from British rule. With the turn of things in the country, it is very tempting to be reminded of all the bad things happening in the country. Whatever your views or feelings are, it would be good to remember that this country is our own and that nobody is coming to fix it for us. Below are three things we can all do to make Nigeria better.

√ Get educated.

Education is not limited to going to school. In my opinion, self education is better than going to school because you can learn at your own pace and are not pressured by exams. If you are reading this, it means that you have a smartphone and maybe an internet connection. Instead of spending your time on sites that do not serve you, why don't you take a free online course? What of learning on YouTube? You can even get cheaper data plans at night just for the purpose of educating yourself. You can find free books to read on the internet. There is no limit to the amount of information you can gather. Education renews the mind. It presents opportunities we did not even know existed. Education makes you to see things differently and think differently. Education proffers solutions to problems. Why don't you get educated?

√ Participate in politics.

Politics is not limited to those aspiring for political positions. It is for all of us. We should be involved in knowing our leaders. You can start by reading the news daily. You should know the names of leaders and how they have served the citizens. By doing this, when it is time for elections, you would already know who to choose based on how they have served in the past. This can only be possible if you keep up with political trends.

√ Keep hope alive.

In spite of all that is going on, we can choose to be positive. It is difficult but it is doable. Instead of focusing on herdsmen and inflation, step back a little and count our blessings. We have someone serving as a director of WTO. We have Piggyvest, Andela, Abeg, Opay and other companies founded by Nigerians that are doing well. Our people are making it in all works of life. This is something to be celebrated. I'm not saying we should ignore our current state, I am saying that we should not focus on it alone that we are unable to see the good things no matter how small they are. And we should not relent in trying to do and be our best in whatever we do.

Regardless of how you feel about Nigeria, she is our own and we should all work on ourselves if we hope to see any real change. Happy Independence to Nigeria. Happy Independence to you.

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