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Boys And Girls Are Educated Separately In Iran - See Reasons(Opinion)

Did you know? Boys and girls are educated separately in Iran until they reach University. Even teachers must be of same gender with the classes they teach.

According to my opinion, single sex education does produce better results on average, so it's better to separate the two sex. Girls and boys are often distracted by each other due to rising hormones. Many teachers are complaining everyday because of the way male and female students openly flirts in class. I think this is one reason for their separate sex education.

Another reason I think is, according to Islam, contact relation between opposite sex without any kind of family relationship is a sin, and the country is an Islamic country, hence their reason for segregating the male and female child in terms of education.

From research, girls have been observed to get better results in high school when segregated from males.

Its not that single sex schools are perceived to provide a boost. It’s rather that mixed sex schools have sometimes been shown to strongly disadvantage girls.

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