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Teachers' Day: Educators Should Be Well-Paid in Nigeria

Today is the world teachers' day. Our teachers deserve to be honoured. Teachers are the bedrock of any society. Right from the beginning of time, the role of a teacher has never been disputed.

In normal settings, these kinds of people called teachers are encouraged in many ways as the task to tutor or lecture a child or a student is demanding. Many areas of the world recognize teachers as great minds and people.

Looking back, in Nigeria, teachers were held in great esteem and respected.

What happened today? 

Ask a child today that's growing up if he or she likes to be a teacher, the answer is not farfetched. The answer is no for many.

The regards for teachers must be restored as of the former times.

One way of doing this is to encourage them with fat salaries and allowances enjoyed by people that are paid well in Nigeria. 

In the same way, others will venture into teaching irrespective of their qualification.

A teacher does a lot from ensuring that a child is in the class or school to teaching and making sure that the child gets to learn something for that day. How many parents do that today?

Another reason a teacher must not be neglected is paying them when due. This will go a long way in spurring the teacher to give his or her best. Count the number of hours a teacher spent in school with a child, teaching him or her and also inculcating knowledge and discipline to the child. Parents do not do that these days as they believe it is the work of the teacher.

A teacher prepares a lesson note, a lesson plan, takes attendance, comes early and also makes things right for your child to be a better person in the society.

Everyone was taught by a teacher on earth. Teachers deserve the best for us to get the best.

The rewards of a teacher must start here on earth and in Nigeria to have a better Nigeria we all yearn for. This is achievable.

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Nigeria Teachers' Day


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