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"Going To SCHOOL VS Learning HANDWORK, Which One Is Better?" See The Thoughts Of Nigerian Students.

This article is to present the two categorized forms of education to you. They are formal education i.e( going to an educational institution for the purpose of acquiring knowledge) and informal education i.e learning through apprenticeship otherwise known as learning handwork(akaoru in Igbo). In this article, we'll be looking at which form of education is better as well as what many Nigerian students are saying regarding to this.

Going To School Vs Learning Handwork

From my own opinion, I think the essence of university education has been defeated in Nigeria. In the real sense, not everyone should be in the University, ivory towers are meant for individuals with high propensity for thinking, innovation, problem-solving and sound reasoning. Many entrants into Nigeria's university fail to meet these minimum requirements, hence, the problem with many Graduates unable to reason properly. The best brains in the nation are meant to be nurtured in the University. The Universities are meant to be researching citadels where new ideas (which might often be abstract to the layman) required to power local industries and organizations are developed, while evolving new strategies to enhance economic productivity. Until we go back to the basics of education and learning in Nigeria, we will continue to produce sub-standard graduates in quality and quantity. To me, well, here in Nigeria, I can say handwork is arguably better, though,education is the best legacy, but not in Nigeria because, a lot of graduates who are in the labour market a looking for job. I believe, with the money invested in education most especially university, you can invest it in a business, before the four years you are to spend in the university, with your handwork, you would have achive your goal even to the extent of employ graduates. Unfortunately, Skill acquisition is entirely another different world, required for people who harness the practicality of the ideas being developed in the universities, and churn it out in massive industrial productions. Therefore, I believe both of them are important in today's Nigeria.

Moreover, Nigerian students have gone to Facebook to air their views on this. Regarding, the closure of schools due to the pandemic,most of them have abandoned school to learn handwork.

Below Are The Thoughts Of Nigerian Students On This:

Lastly, I will advice you learn the two because it takes two to 😂 🤣. If you chill and compare, you will be glad you have both. Well, just necessary but not compulsory. Get it, be vigilant enough to observe and see any opportunity that comes your way in the future as a good one, grab it sharply. DON'T DULL!!

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