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Test Your Knowledge Series: English Words You Likely Haven't Heard And Their Meaning.

Abeyance (n): temporarily halted

Abjure (v): swear to give up a belief or claim

Abrogate (v): cancel or end a law or agreement

Abstruse (adj): difficult to understand

Acme (n): the highest stage of development. Excellent example

Aleatory (adj): depending on the throw of a dice (or chance)

Alopecia (n): Abnormal loss of hair

Amanuensis (n): a person who helps a writer with their work

Ameliorate (v): to make something (that was) bad or unsatisfactory betterway that is unlikely to offend anyone

Apogee (n): the most successful part of something

Aquiline (adj): something (especially a nose) curved like the beak of an eagle

Argot (n): expressions used (only or mostly) by a particular group of people =Jargon

Arrogate (v): to claim that you have a particular right, position etc. without having the legal right to it

Assiduous (adj): very careful to make sure that something is done properly or completely

Avarice (n): a desire to have a lot of money that is considered to be too strong =Greed

Avuncular (adj): behaving in a kind and gentle way to someone who is younger

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